David Ahlgren uses a listening and observation of nature model of coaching/consulting. After observation of land and humans across the globe, David believes the most abundance and restoration both in human and land ecosystems comes with most ease when we enter each system with humility and a listening and learning sprit. This practice of befriending and listening to nature has been the recipe for restoration of abundance throughout all of history and across all landscapes.  David along with many other colleges across the world use, modern appropriate technology and research to both gain scientific situational awareness and foster restoration to abundance.

When the patterns are observed and used in humble harmony, abundance becomes a simple task to flow with into an oasis of abundance and peace.

David Ahlgren – Consultant, Coach, Designer and Educator

  • Consult and overlook the regenerative design of over 44,000 acres across the world.
  • Restoration Ecologist ( Perpetual student of nature / Expert in specific restoration practices)
  • Certified Permaculture Designer by the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia.
  • Student Of Geoff Lawton (PRI) – Large scale waterflow and ecosystem restoration.
  • Bachelors of Business Administration – University Of Central Oklahoma
  • 20 Years of Agricultural, and ecosystem restoration Experience from across the world.
  • 15 Year of Business Consulting Experience
  • Active in Research of Sustainable Plant and Animal Production Practices
  • Experienced in Ecosystem Design/Coaching and Implementation
  • Alternative Energy System Designer and Installer