David Ahlgren engages with clients at all phases of sustainable property development and homesteading projects including land selection, master planning and design of site, development, construction and project management. We consult and perform full implementation services at all phases.

We assist clients with property assessment in their search to find the most appropriate real estate to meet their goals. Our services integrate many aspects of sustainable landscape architecture including ecological analysis, land planning, sustainable and green building, renewable energy system integration, planting and landscape construction, and project management.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting or site visit.

Phone call or zoom land consultation (Free)

David prefers getting to know people in a relaxed discussion of project or need. Feel free to request a call or zoom meeting free of charge. Click here to request a Site Consultation

Site Consultation

The Site Consultation is the most important service, wherein we visit your site and review its challenges and opportunities with you. In and of itself, the Site Consultation is invaluable and often all a client needs to make key decisions. When site development or planning requirements are significant, this visit serves as the spring board for further design services.

Land Planning

Strategic land development starts with the site through detailed goal identification. We analyze the landscape via GIS mapping for large scale projects and through on-site mapping for smaller scale projects. We spend a higher percentage of time on site than most landscape architects in order that the developments are truly integrated within, not opposed to, the natural patterns of the land. Land planning services include site analysis and master planning as well as development feasibility and schematic production. Designing access and siting buildings, utilities, roadways, gardens and other features are primary aspects of master planning services. A more specific design for construction flows into the next step in the process.

Site Design and Development

We design, plant and build the elements of sustainability for your property: Permaculture and regenerative farm systems, natural buildings and infrastructure, outdoor living spaces, food gardens, orchards, watercourses, ponds, woodlands, meadows, pasture etc. We site design for buildings and roadways, design stonewalls and outbuildings and construct these components. We also produce management plans to ensure the success of these systems.

Design and Installation services include:

Permaculture Farms and Resilient Homesteads

  • Orchards, tree crops and perennial plantings
  • Forest gardening and multiple-yield agro-forestry systems
  • Shelterbelts, windbreaks and hedgerows
  • Meadows
  • Intensive annuals
  • Rotational pasture
  • Mushroom production
  • Water farming: pond and wetland agriculture and aquaculture
  • Water harvesting from ponds, swales, roof catchment and watercourses
  • Earthworks for ponds, micro-climates and windbreaks
  • Drip irrigation

Land Resource Survey

In this area we use appropriate technology to give us the most information to make the best decisions in the design phase. Our available survey tools include:

  • Advanced Laser Survey Equipment.
  • Autonomous Arial Drone for 3D Imaging of the Landscape
  • High Powered Microscope with Digital Photo and Video Capturing
  • High Definition Arial Before and After Photography
  • Access to Historic Arial Photography
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