Solar panels are one of the most efficient methods of harvesting electricity from creation. With our wholesale accounts, we facilitate purchasing for all our clients at our cost. On the market today we find a WIDE variety of  quality and longevity.  Because of this, Design with Creation, only buys class A panels, inverters  and other components from the best manufactures  in the industry.  Here is a Few of our suppliers.

Solar World Panels:

SolarWorld group is one of the world’s largest solar PV energy industry. SolarWorld manufactures in the United States. Solarworld SW series monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are between 250 watts and 275 watts. Solarworld solar panels help increase energy output and improve returns on investments.

IronRidge Racking 

IronRidge racking and mounting systems is one of the most commonly used solar PV mounting systems in North America for residential and commercial solar PV installations. Ironridge manufactures a full selection of roof mount, ground mount and pole mount solar PV racking systems compatible with almost all solar modules in the market.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is the world leader in the domain of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage electrical equipment. This helps us deliver to customers best-in-class electrical equipment (from array boxes to MV switchgears and transformers integrated in our PV boxes).

Schneider Electric is also the world leader in power conversion technologies (UPS and Drives). Using similar key technology, we are leveraging this position to develop innovative and competitive solar inverters.

OutBack Power Systems

OutBack Power Systems has set the bar for delivering high quality, cutting edge power conversion electronics. Outback is famous for their grid tie and off grid sealed/vented inverters. Outback FX, GFX, GTFX, VFX series solar inverters, Outback Flexmax MPPT charge controller, battery chargers are worldwide famous. Outback FlexPower is an integrated solar PV solutions which significantly reduces the installation cost and time.

Full River AGM Battery Systems

Fullriver Battery has earned a worldwide reputation as the premier quality AGM and lead-acid battery manufacturer. Fullriver Battery specialize in manufacturing valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries for the solar PV industry. We offer purchasing of Fullriver Batteries of 6 volts and 12 volts for wide range of grid tie and offgrid solar pv applications.

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